Sewer Plumbing

Sewer plumbing is a system of pipes, usually underground, that carry human waste to and from the main sewer lines. Sewers are used in every city for removing sewage and excess water away from homes or buildings. The most common type of sewers found under residential areas is called sanitary sewers because they only contain wastewater while storm sewers carry surface runoff. Sewer pipes are typically made of clay, concrete or plastic and come in a variety of sizes to suit their purpose. The most common types of sewer problems are clogs or obstructions that slow the flow in a pipe. Sewer pipes can be blocked by grease, sand, silt and debris left behind after construction work is done. If you have any signs of a clogged drain – such as water pooling on your property – it’s important to call a professional plumber to diagnose the problem.

Common Sewer problems

  • Sewer pipes are clogged by grease, sand or construction debris – These blockages slow the flow of wastewater in a pipe.
  • Sewer lines are broken – A break can be caused by corrosion from years of use and because sewers often run under underground streams, tree roots can also cause breaks in sewer pipes.
  • Sewer lines are leaking – If a pipe is corroded or damaged, wastewater may escape and contaminate the soil around it.
  • Sewer systems have been disrupted by construction work or natural disasters – When sewers are disconnected from their homes, there’s no way to dispose of sewage properly until they’re reconnected again.
  • Sewer lines are too small or old to handle the amount of wastewater coming from a home – This can happen if new homes have more bathrooms than older ones.
  • There’s no water running down the drainpipe after a toilet flush – If this happens, it means that sewer gas has built up in your home and needs to be addressed.
  • Sewers are full – When sewers get too full, wastewater spills out onto the ground or into a local stream.
  • Gray water’s spilling over from sewer pipes and floods your yard – This happens when there isn’t enough space in the system for it to flow properly.
  • The house is on top of a hill and you can’t flush the toilet because of low water pressure – Sewage won’t be able to move through pipes under these conditions.
  • The sewer line is on top of your septic tank, which means that wastewater has nowhere to go when it reaches the end.

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